Research Informatics Core Csb

Misha Pivovarov

Misha Pivovarov, MS is a Core Leader. He has over 20 years of experience in research and healthcare IT and has a proven track record for delivering quality products that serve user’s needs. Misha has been the IT director at CSB since 2003 and was instrumental in creating today's IT infrastructure and establishing the Core.

Lyuba Fexon

Lyuba Fexon, MS is a Principal Software Engineer responsible for most back-end applications, image servers, data exchange interfaces and high-performance, massively-parallel computing. In addition she is an expert in image analysis. Lastly her programs are used on a daily basis by CSB investigators.

Lyuba fexon

Daniel Guettler

Daniel Guettler, MS is a Lead Software Architect and Developer responsible for overall system design and all front-end web applications. He played a defining role in the development of the existing CSB software portfolio since 2005.

Daniel guettler
Katherine abuhadal

Katherine Abuhadal

Katherine Abuhadal, MA is a software developer responsible for creating and maintaining back-end and front-end web applications. She has been with RIC since 2015 and contributes to the development of a number of their ongoing projects.

Eli luvish

Eli Luvish

Eli is an experienced software developer and long time resident of the Boston area. He received a BA from Northeastern University and completed a graduate degree in management at the Harvard Extension School. He loves spending time with his family, skiing, and tinkering with new technologies.

Madeleine Guettler

Madeleine Guettler recently graduated high school and is starting out as an intern at CSB. One of her first responsibilities at CSB was created CSB RIC's website.

Madeleine guettler
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