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Isuggest is a system used within BWH, Partners Healthcare and MGH. The website is used as a way to provide suggestions and requests visible to staff from all three organizations to help create a smoother more productive environment all around.

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A platform to match subject matter experts to projects looking for resources.

Research Enterprise Support
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Management of Research Core

Management of Core Research's goal is to through providing over eighty cores across Partners Hospitals to share their expertise and facilities to promote collaboration and efficient use of resources. Allowing Partners to keep up the competitiveness of Partners investigators and to secure research funding.

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Division of Clinical Research

The Division of Clinical Research's main goal is to increase the efficiency and quality of translating advances in clincial research into improved clinical care for their patients. To help them succeed in their goal CSB has created a consultation database allowing them to spread their knowledge and assist MGH investigator with their studies.

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HIVE Platform: Highly Innovative Very Efficient

The HIVE platform was designed to facilitate clinical trial program management requirements. Web based portal for sites and administrator access, secured access and audit trail of IP address and time stamp, cost effective and rapid set up time, appropriate for supporting small to medium size clinical trials

Clincial Trials
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Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Core Lab

A platform for multi center imaging clinical trial. Facilitates collaboration including imaging analysis for a wide variety of conditions where cardiovascular magnetic resonance may capture unique anatomy or pathophysiology.

Clinical Trials
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CCIB Website

Web platform for Research Center. Provides public face of the center. Manages research lab: People management, Funds management, Lab Inventories, Supply Ordering, Equipment

Research Lab Site
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