Most of our software is developed in Ruby on Rails - an open-source framework for web development. We have successfully leveraged the framework for our needs in research application development over the past 5 years. However, our expertise also extends to other programming environments, including Perl and PHP, C++ and Java, Apple X Code, etc.

Due to the constantly changing requirements in research applications we implement our software using an approach of rapid prototyping and multiple iterations in constant contact with a customer. This allows us to drive the project development fast and in the right direction. All implemented functionalities are built in a modular way and can be easily integrated into a new application.

The list of available modules includes:

Program Support

  • people pages
  • meetings
  • document storage


  • repair history
  • on-line manuals
  • resources calendar


  • animal ordering
  • protocols
  • charges tracking
  • breeding colonies

Lab Inventory

  • cell lines
  • imaging agents
  • chemical libraries


  • employees, applicants
  • attendance
  • mailing lists
  • lab notebook tracking


  • grants and projects
  • spending estimates
  • expenses and charges


  • automatic feed of abstracts
  • talks
  • journal covers


  • Partners authentication, Harvard authentication
  • page-level access control
  • admin UI

Content Management

  • lectures
  • faculty pages
  • internal documents


  • Libraries
  • Experiments
  • Analysis

Research Projects

  • Projects
  • Protocols
  • Experiments
  • Studies
  • Images
  • Tracking
  • Billing


Most of our applications run on virtual servers within multiple application hosts that are connected to a central storage server. Any virtual machine can be quickly brought up on one of our hosts. Increased flexibility allows us to better manage utilization and provide better performance. Additional benefits include cutting down power consumption and making our data center “greener”. The servers (made by HP) are housed in the Data Center at the Simches Research Building, featuring a secure card access system, cooling/humidity control and centralized uninterrupted power supply.